Have you seen that commercial where the Mom picks up all the toys and sprays the carpet with Febreeze? She turns her back for a moment, and when she turns around all the toys are face down smelling the carpet. The camera takes an extended shot on a wide-eyed monkey; The cutest plush monkey I’ve ever seen. Boy, did I ever want that monkey, but try as I might, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was resigned to a monkey-less existence.

briter.jpgOn Valentine’s Day, The B-Man, surprised me with that very same monkey! And, yes, I’m pretty sure it was the same monkey in the commercial because it had that nice Febreeze scent.

The monkey is officially called “Gomi Taro” and he’s from Japan. I, however, named my monkey “Briter” after the two most important men in my life: Brian and Porter. And because he makes my life brighter.GomiMark.jpg

Briter is a bit of a…well, monkey…and he’s always up to something. He has a bad habit of hiding and apparently he’s never seen a cat before. I guess curiosity is kind of a monkey AND cat thing.

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