peterclub.jpgPeter is what one would call a rock ‘n’ roll god. He plays just about any instrument (but, for some reason, not the flugelhorn), he writes the music and collaborates with me on the lyrics and book for the rock-musicals we perform. Not only that, he is the lead guitarist for The Whoa Nellies and Pepperspray, plus about a hundred other bands. This picture is from the show we wrote together, Club Inferno, which won for Best Book, Best Lyrics, and Best Music at that year’s Bay Area Critic’s Circle awards ceremony.

Peter is tall, handsome, muscular, and wickedly funny. He is originally from LA, but went to a Quaker high school in Northern California. He goes to the gym every day at lunch. He’s very healthy–pretty much the only thing images-4.jpegI’ve seen him eat is spinach salads, chicken, and protein shakes. He doesn’t smoke; I’ve never known him to pass gas, and I’ve never seen him drunk. I hope that doesn’t make him sound like a stick-in-the-mud, because he’s not. My goodness, he’s a god of rock ‘n’ roll and you don’t get that way by being all Little Miss PrissyPants, and you don’t stay that way by being Mr. Leif Garret.
(Is it just me or do you think if Peter was way less cute and was into smack, he’d look kinda like Leif?)

Tom_and_Peter.jpgPeter’s boyfriend is Tom. They’re both tall, good-looking, blonde, and well-built. When they’re together, they look like a eugenics experiment–but in a good way. I am indirectly responsible for them two hooking up. I gave Peter my old computer; it was his first computer and is now The B-Man’s computer. They met on line. Tom is super handy and he can do carpentry, gardening, masonry, interior design, and he’s really good at finding cool things others have thrown away. Peter doesn’t own a pet, but when Tom spends the night at his house, he lets Tom’s cat, Killer Queen, spend the night, as well.

tn.jpegWhen I asked Peter for a picture of him and Tom, this is the first one he sent. See what I mean about him being wickedly funny? Gosh, my life would not be nearly as wonderful if I didn’t have Peter in it.

Peter is my best Boy friend.