I’m sure you’ve heard of love at first sight, but how about love at second sight?

heart.jpgBrian is The B-Man. He is the living love of my life. He used to be the guy I dated and broke up with. Eleven years later he’s the guy I’ve fallen passionately in love with.

brianR.jpgThe first time we met was on The Mexican Party Bus. When I saw Brian I was instantly attracted to him. I sat next to him during dinner and flirted shamelessly. I can’t remember anything else about the meal, only him.

We started dating shortly afterwards. We went on vacations, shared holidays, and spent our days and nights in bliss. We had picnics on the beach, a road trip through Wisconsin, and went to his 20th high-school reunion together. We visited my family and they liked him right away. Wedded bliss seemed certain.

But it didn’t happen. Maybe because I was still grieving for Porter, or maybe because I had a crush on another man. I couldn’t give Brian what he wanted, and Brian wasn’t happy with what he got. The break-up was sudden and painful for both of us.

For the next ten years I wanted nothing to do with him. I tossed out his cards and photos. Brian remained in touch with my family. They were always happy to hear from him, but kept their correspondence secret from me knowing that I would only scowl when his name was mentioned.

Then I got sick, broke up with the other guy, and moved back to Reno. I finished grieving for Porter, whom I loved very much. My Sister, always a fan of Brian’s, knew I was a little lonely, and sent him my email address. He wrote me; I wrote back and we started talking to each other again. He invited me to stay with him for the weekend. That visit lasted a month. Cupid was working overtime and Brian and I found ourselves deeply in love with one another. A love that was never dead–just sleeping. It woke with a passion that astounded both of us.

When I told my parents I was in love with Brian, my Dad said, “What took you so long? We’ve been in love with him for years.”

brianS.jpgThree reasons (of several thousand) why I love Brian:

  • He sneezes when he goes outside on a sunny day.
  • He lives with a three-legged cat.
  • He snores gently—just like my dog, Duchess.

Love is so much better the second time around.