Image hosting by Photobucket No one was more excited about NevadaGirl‘s Easter Bonnet and Egg Hunt party than Briter. The B-Man suggested we dye, blow, and decorate some eggs for the event. Of course, Briter wanted to “help.” We put on his bio-hazard suit to protect him from the caustic dyes we were using.

Image hosting by PhotobucketLooking at the results, the bio-hazard suit was a good idea, but not good enough. All morning he had been drinking the spiked egg-nog he hid under his bed since last Christmas. I told him it was probably spoiled by now, but he insisted the alcohol killed all the poisons.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThen he vomited and passed out—breaking his precious egg. Green dye and puke everywhere.

The B-Man and I were pretty upset, so we punished Briter where it would hurt most: He wouldn’t be going to Easter at NevadaGirl’s ranch with us.

Which was a real shame. Besides the festivities of the holiest day of the year, The B-Man and I went to the 1099 Club on Saturday night for Trannyshack Reno. There we saw the most amazing faux-king ever, Randy Morningwood.Image hosting by Photobucket

He’s super sexy, super talented, and super something-else. The crowd went wild. We were in love with him. Heklina, the host of the show, called him “disturbing.” What an entertainer.

After the show, we hung out with him at the bar. He really seemed to like The B-Man a lot. I mean, a lot. So much so, they went out gambling together and I went back to our room. The next morning I found this picture in The-Bman’s jacket: Randy Morningwood in some cheap hotel room. Taken by The-Bman. Who says nothing happened. Yeah, nothing happened. Two drunk men in a fleabag in Reno. Sure, “nothing” happened.

Image hosting by PhotobucketEaster Sunday was a blast. Everyone’s bonnet looked smashing. The Egg Hunt was a joyous riot with plenty of shouting and pushing down the slower hunters. Dinner was sumptuous. NevadaGirl cooked the most delicious roast pork I’ve ever had, and her table was a triumph of Spring flowers. (She also cooked a beautiful vegetarian roasted vegetable Neapolitan for The B-Man.)

It was a wonderful weekend with the Family, even if Briter wasn’t there.

ADDENDUM: So much for truth in packaging. I got a Reester Bunny in my basket. It was a Reese’s Peanut Butter in the shape of a large rabbit. The wrapping made me think the enclosed chocolate would be molded like a cool whimsical rabbit. Instead, what I got was a very uncool,  non-floppy-eared, bow-tied bunny.  The eyes were freaking me out so much, I had to bite of its head right away.

Biting the head off chocolate bunnies is my favorite part of Easter.

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