Image hosting by PhotobucketHello! My name is Dutchess. I’m a good dog. I bark when you say Hello. I bark when someone walks by on the sidewalk. I bark at the neighbors. I bark at the other dogs when they bark. I love Mom, and Dad, and Boy, and Cookie, and Hat. I hate that mean old-looking beagle we see on our morning walks.

I love my morning walks with Mom and Boy. I get new smells every day. It’s like reading the morning newspaper. On cold days, I wear my flower jacket. Everyone says I look cute. I bark at them.

Image hosting by PhotobucketI like eating grass. This winter has been hard on us plant-eaters, but we scrape by. I can’t wait for Spring and to graze through the sweet, juicy grass of the Gully.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWhen we come Home, the Boy might bring out my favorite toy of all time…the Hat!

The Hat appeared on the Floor back when there was that tree up high in the Kitchen. I thought it was a rat at first, but it turned out to be even better. Soft fur, the same shape and heft as a weasel, and when I shake it, it feels just likeImage hosting by Photobucket a squirrel in my mouth.

Oh, I love my Hat. You want my Hat? Grrr. Come and get my Hat. Marow-arwowrow! You think you can get my Hat? Mine! Grrrr. Mawrf!………Chase me!!!!

The only thing that ruins my perfect life in Reno is that old, crabby-faced, beagle that snarls at me every time we walk by. Why does he have to be such a meanie, just because I bark at him?

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Doesn’t he know when I bark, I’m saying “Hello!”?