180px-Lesley_Gore,_French_EP.jpgThursday night. My friend casually mentions to me she drove Lesley Gore from Winters to SF the night before. Seems Ms. Gore was on tour with her new album and needed a ride to The City after one of her shows for some last minute, early morning interviews. I call The B-Man to share this news and he practically pees his pants. Come to find he's a big Lesley Gore fan.

images1.jpegFriday morning. I go on-line to purchase our tickets. I'm going for the most expensive ones with access to the VIP after-party with Lesley. Unfortunately, they were all out of those and the best I could get were two seats in the back, on the side. I knew The B-Man wouldn't be disappointed because he's such a big Lesley Gore fan.


Saturday night. We get dolled up and go to the show. I go to the ticket booth but they have no record of our reservation. The ticket-seller explains their online ticketing service screws up all the time. She takes my card number and says she has a few extra tickets and won't charge me, if, when checking the records later, she finds I've already been charged. I ask if she has any of the super VIP tickets. She has two left. The B-Man is thrilled.

images-3.jpegSaturday showtime. Our seats are literally the best in the house. We're front center, about five rows away from the front of the stage. I won't recap the show, but you can read about it here. She's short and we happened to be sitting eye level with her. The B-Man swears she was looking at him the entire night.

Saturday VIP party. Free booze, fancy party hor d'oeuvres, and Lesley Gore. Could there be a more perfect evening? I think The B-Man knows the answer to THAT question.

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