We decided to take Briter for a night of camping at Lake Tahoe’s Nevada Beach. It really is a beautiful place. Briter enjoyed himself eye-ballin’ the hot babes, workin’ on his tan, and chillin’ with his good friend, Bob.

There were dogs.

Our camp was located alongside a lovely meadow creek. You had to cross a wooden plank bridge to get to the john. Briter, ever prone to monkey antics, scampered and played on the bridge until he fell into the cold, cold water. Oh, how we laughed!

The sunset was glorious. Briter informed us they have sunsets there every night.

Beautiful fire spinners danced on the beach for us. Briter was entranced—you know how it is with monkeys and bright lights.

Briter was fascinated by the lantern, as well. I guess they didn’t have them in the Japanese jungle or wherever he grew up.

First rule of lanterns for monkeys: Don’t Touch! Second rule: When you knock over the lantern, RUN!

And that’s when Briter’s excellent weekend ended since he spent the rest of it in a time-out in the back seat of our car.

Next time The B-Man and I go on vacation, we’re thinking about getting Briter a sitter. Any takers out there? If you do, we assume no responsibilty for damage to your home, lawn, car, or lanterns.