Briter was really caught up with Project Runway‘s last season which he watched at a neighbor’s house because we don’t have cable. He was hoping to do the same for this season, but since the neighbor’s now have a restraining order against him, he had to make other plans. The reason he couldn’t watch it here is because The B-Man and I have very low TV needs. We have a 13″one and the reception isn’t that great, but it’s met our needs up to now.

Briter really wanted cable and he constantly extolled its benefits, as well as throwing a series of tantrums, and we’re still picking up the shredded toilet paper that is everywhere, including the car. So we got cable. Let me tell you, it’s really nice to be able to read the answers on Jeopardy instead of relying on Alex Trebek’s slightly prissy voice.

You’d think Briter would be happy, but no, our TV was too small. He threw the mother of all hissy fits—and we all know how monkeys like to fling their poo—so we decided it would be cheaper to purchase a bigger television than buy all the Resolve carpet cleaner we would need if he kept this up.

Briter went on-line and picked the one we were to get. The B-Man and I were impressed: 20″flat-panel screen, 5″deep, CD and DVD R/RW, built-in DVD player, and very reasonably priced. We asked Briter how he came to choose this one and he said he liked the picture in the ad.

Briter was very happy and watched the season opener intently. The only flicker of worry that passed through our mind was he seemed particularly enamored with Santino, a well-known troublemaker, and Malan, who is a walking freak show.

The challenge this week was to go to your room, take any materials from it, and make an outfit that expresses You as a person. Once the show was over, Briter went to town and whipped up his own creation.

(Dirty tube sock, paper hat, party picks, gold cord)

The B-Man and I don’t quite know what to think. What with the Dorothy’s ruby red slippers thing and the fact that he apparently thinks wearing a dress is expressing himself as a person monkey, we have every reason to believe this season of Project Runway will be an interesting one for us all.