Santino on Michael Kors on Santino:
” … it looks like … a baboon’s ASS exploded on the back of her dress!”

Briter has become obsessed with Project Runway and has been having runway challenges all by himself. It’s kind of cute and kind of sad listening to him dish about his own creations in the voice of Michael Kors. Whom he loves.

Briter seems to be finding some new role models on this show.

Anyway, The B-Man and I felt a little bad for him because we could hear him in his room with the door closed playing the role of the designer, the model, and the aforementioned Mr. Kors. The B-Man thinks the whole thing is just weird; I think a hidden camera would get us a win on America’s Funniest Home Video.

So we have decided to ask for your help, Dear Reader. Please look at the photos from his latest collection and send a comment on which of his outfits is In and which is Out.

febreeze monkey

Joan d’Arc
(Dirty tube sock, paper hat, party picks, gold cord)

Mata Hari
(Cloth napkins, earring, pearl-top pins, black tulle, miniature silk roses, dried yellow German statis)

Briter said he wouldn’t mind hearing constructive criticism on his outfits, and it’s okay if you’re going to be a total bitch like Michael Kors, but not okay if you’re going to be a total bitch like Simon Cowell. (Don’t even get me started on what Briter thinks of “American Idol“.)