I was staying at The P’s last night, so I couldn’t watch Project Runway with The B-Man and Briter. The B-Man e-mailed me an update of his evening:

I am totally outraged that Angela was kept on…WHAT THE HADIES IS UP WITH THAT FOR GOSH SAKES NOW??? That stupid hag was worthless as tits on a straight bull. I could have slapped her several times. If I ever run into her in the street I just might.

And VINCENT?!!! Mad as a hatter, or genious or both…can’t decide…yet…

Little Miss Edward Scissorhands DID need to go home (sorry, he just creeps me out), but last night only ANGELA deserved to go. Briter was furious, just furious…I had to take him to Safeway for some Ben and jerry’s chunky monkey before he would settle down and sleep. And I did, and he was, and he did.

The B-Man sounded a little frazzled to me, but honestly, I’ve told him a thousand times, Briter shouldn’t have sugar late at night and the way to get chunky monkey out of bedsheets is to soak them right away in Oxyclean.