Briter has been listening intently to me and The B-Man discuss our plans for our upcoming trip to Burning Man at the end of the month. Much to our surprise, he told us he was going and had purchased his ticket on craigslist. We didn’t have the heart to tell him his ticket didn’t look so authentic, but we figured, what the hey? It may keep him from teasing the cats for awhile.

We had been discussing what we were going to wear while there. We considered the heat, the costumes, and the art which are all part of the Burning Man experience. All Briter heard was “costumes.” He asked me to get out the sewing machine so he could get to work. The whole thing stank of bad idea.

Briter and sewing scissors: bad idea. We spent a good 15 minutes chasing him around the house until he dropped all of them.

Briter and sewing thread: bad idea. Once again, CocoAnn looks askance at Briter.

Briter’s final costume: bad idea. The B-Man blames everything on that Project Runway program.

We’ve got two more weeks before we leave. The B-Man and I think if Briter went to Burning Man, it would be a really, really bad idea.