Nevada Girl‘s blog has been nothing but a source of troubled inspiration for some of Briter’s worst antics. First the duct tape episode, which, because of a misunderstanding of the word “duct,” led to a visit from the SPCA , and then the whole flaming poi debacle–thick, sticky purple goo everywhere and it STAINS! I don’t even want to go into the dirty underwear on the head thing.

And now, yesterday’s standing in your underwear in the window entry.

After reading her blog, Briter went and danced in front of the living room window while only wearing a towel since he didn’t have any clean underwear after soiling all of his before immediately plopping them onto his head because he thought it was soooo funny. (Thanks, Nevada Girl. Thanks a lot.)

Since he usually doesn’t wear a towel when dancing, I don’t think we will be getting another testy letter from the neighbors. Even CocoAnn didn’t care.

Nevada Girl, since I’m thinking you’re a kind of Muse for Briter, could you please stop posting about underwear? The B-Man and I would appreciate it.