The B-Man and I were initially happy to find Briter no longer fixated on Burning Man. Instead, he is now all about Joseph Pujol, an entertainer at the Moulin Rouge who made more money than any other perfomer in Europe in the 1890’s. His stage name was “Le Pétomane,” which means “The Fartiste” in French.

Briter ran across a trailer for a movie about his life called, “Le Petomane: Parti avec le vent,” which means “Le Petomane: Gone with the Wind.” The clip he insisted we watch had The B-Man’s and my jaw agape.

When we asked him how he found out about this French performer, he said it was from Nevada Girl’s son, NYS. Yesterday, we found out they had discussed more than movies, because NYS had also introduced Briter to the concept of “blue darts.” Hilarity ensued.