Thank you, Wonder Woman. Thanks a lot.

Your comment yesterday about “dutch ovens” enticed Briter to do a little research. Very little research. He googled “dutch oven” and then read about recipes and, well, dutch ovens.

He, of course, misconstrued everything.

Last night, as The-B-man and I were climbing into bed, we discovered Briter had made a surprise for us: under our blanket, on our twelve-hundred thread count sheets, were barbecue sauce, baby carrots, beans, garlic, and spices. (“51 spices!” says Briter.) All soaking into the mattress for many hours.

How could we be angry with him? He was just trying to make a nice dinner for us.

As for you, Wonder Woman, we wanted to share our leftovers with you. The stained bedding and mattress you found on your lawn this morning is are our way of saying “Thank you, thanks a lot.”