Briter is a bit bummed about the whole Pluto being called a dwarf thing–we’re guessing he’s kind of sensitive about his height–and he came up with a new way to remember the planets and their order from the sun: Many Very Educated Morons Just Screwed Up Numerous Planetariums. See, the thing about Briter is he’s smart. Really smart. But he’s also bad. Really bad. It’s not such a great combination to live with.

The B-Man and I cringe every time he says the actual name of the seventh planet because it’s always followed by a good three minutes of high-pitched hooting.

Anyway, Briter was moping around the house and making sad little monkey sighs until he heard that Pluto got a new job with the Disney Corporation as Snow White’s eighth dwarf. Now he wants to go to Disneyland to celebrate.

Won’t that be fun?