The B-Man and I had set up our tent and were bicycling across the playa trying to take it all in–Uchronia, a huge Victorian house, cupcakes, et al,–when we see lying on the dusty, cracked ground what looked like Briter’s leather pants. A little bit later we discovered his t-shirt.

And then, we found Briter.

We were quite worried our little monkey had been wandering lost in the desert for days, but it tuned out he had just passed out after 48 hours of non-stop dancing to techno music. It seems he hitched a ride with another guy from Reno and had been there since Monday night partying. His “friend,” of course, looked like trouble.

One morning they stumbled into camp bragging about how they each “bagged” an older chick the night before. The B-Man has always feared Briter would end up with an older woman who already had a kid, and sure enough, he walks in with Olive Oyl.

Briter met other new friends, as well.

Some of his new friends were rather uninhibited.

We all had a great time and look forward to going again next year. I guess Briter will find his way there whether we want him to or not. You should, as well.

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