Yesterday, The B-Man and I went to City Hall and signed a Domestic Partnership agreement. It’s just two signatures and $42.00–no big deal and probably has no real legal meaning, but its symbolic value means a lot to the two of us.

I had entered another domestic partnership with my late lover, Porter, 19 years earlier and before The B-Man and I could proceed, I had to legally terminate the old one with a signature. As we drove to City Hall, I cried and sobbed while The B-Man did what he could to comfort me without crashing the car.

It was an odd set of tears. I was overwhelmed with the memories and longings for my past and overcome with joyous dreams for The B-Man’s and my future together.

As we entered the County Clerk’s office to officially file the papers, my tears for Porter stopped. It was time to say good-bye to him and let The B-Man rule the kingdom of my heart. I’ve always called Porter the Love of my Life, but until then, I could never say the same to The B-Man without feeling I was being disloyal to Porter.

But, as I wrote earlier, I had been blessed with a new Life years after Porter passed away. He’ll always be with me, but now I can wholeheartedly say to The B-Man he is the Love of my Life.

And I’ve got the signed document to prove it.

San Francisco City Hall Atrium
Courtesy of Peterson Conway