The other night The B-Man and I were outside trying to clean up the mess Briter had made while emptying the trash, and we ran into our new neighbor, Sherli. You know how every neighborhood has one weird family? Well, her family is the one in our neighborhood. We chatted for a few moments and she invited us over to meet the rest of her brood.

First was Gramma Spivey and Jo-Jo the Monkey Girl. Grams was in town with the freak show she runs and had stopped by with her newest star. Briter and Jo-Jo have a play date set up. (At Sherli’s house, thank goodness.)

Next was Sherli’s younger sister, Sammi, and her new husband, Tony. This is Sammi’s seventh husband, but this one she says is “for sure or I’m giving up men for good!”

Tony ‘s been on Jerry Springer! Twice!

Lastly, we met Sherli’s youngest sister, Sindy–we later learned her real name is Mona–who aspires for a career in the entertainment industry. It was kind of a relief to finally find out where all that loud, horrible singing of show tunes we’d sometimes hear late at night was coming from. It’s been giving Briter nightmares.

I must say it feels good to know we’re no longer the weirdest family on the block.