Some of my Dear Readers may know I served with the US Marines in my salad days. It was fun, challenging, and full of nice guys from the Midwest. Guy type-of-guys who drank beer and watched football and farted and did guy things like punch each other in the arm really, really hard. (Boot-camp was where, once again, I earned the nickname “Cry Baby.”)

Anyway, I liked serving with the Marines and I think everyone knows they can be a bunch of good-looking guys, so I was happy to see a bunch of them have posed for a beefcake calendar. All of the models have fought in Iraq. Two of them were wounded there. 100% of the proceeds from the calendar go to Marines and families as directed by those who have been awarded the Purple Heart.

Despite all the “Support Our Troops” sentiment I hear, I don’t find many average citizens–or politicians–showing any real effort to support our Troops (other than the yellow magnetic ribbon on the back of their SUV). A great way to start would be for the politicians to stop cutting Veteran benefits and for everyone else to get this calendar.

How much does it cost? It’s up to you. It’s a donation. Just remember: %100 goes to those who’ve lost their lives, limbs, and loved ones to an unjust war.

Here’s my favorite part: finally you can have hot man pictures in your office or cubicle and any requests to take it down due to “office policy” would be seen as not supporting our troops! Yay for the Marines!

Show your support for our Troops and get yours now!