Briter’s been awfully excited about the upcoming holiday, one which apparently they do not celebrate in the Japanese jungle or wherever he’s from. There’s probably a reason for this because the last week or so, he’s been hiding and jumping out and screaming, BOO! Do you know loud and screechy monkeys can be? Our neighbors certainly do.

After hiding in the microwave and literally scaring the bejesus out of The B-Man, we said no more of his shenanigans or no going out on Halloween night! He shaped up right away, youbetcha.

We suggested he put all his energy into choosing his outfit for the big night. He promptly told us he wanted to be…a toilet. Fortunately, when we checked, it was out of stock.

Last night, the B-Man encouraged him to make his own costume, which of course he didn’t want to do. When he was told he couldn’t go out on Halloween unless he had one, he stomped off to his room. For about an hour or so, all we could hear were long sighs and the occasional kicking of walls.

When he finally came out, we were pleased to see he was going as The Mummy, but he insisted he’s dressed as The Toilet Paper Monster (?). This morning we discovered he had used every bit of T.P. in the house. Eight more days…