My clothing designer friend, Gladè, recently entered a fashion contest. The challenge: design a single outfit using the contents of other outfits randomly given to you. The finished outfit must represent a childhood fictional character.

These were the pieces he had to work with: some type of cafeteria lady uniform and someone’s grandma’s nightgown. It was made of a velour-type product which his cat found interesting.

Gladè had to design and sew his outfit in one week! He decided to go with an Anime influence and asked his favorite hot model, Kokojiro, to walk it down the runway. She worked it!

“Whether shopping in Shubiya with her school pals or battling the Evil Megalon with her magical pet, Okisan, Koko is ready to go-go!”

Kokojiro has a well deserved après-runway tipple with the ultra smashing Library Lady.

Gladè and Koko celebrate their evening. Great job, everyone!!