Yesterday was The B-Man’s and my 13th month anniversary and today is Valentine’s Day. There’s a lot of Love in the house right now–even the cats are feeling it. Last night, Markann sang a lullaby for us as we fell asleep.

It was about a year ago I first heard her sing a cat song. It sounded a bit like a human song, only one composed and sung by a cat. Apparently, her song was about the incredible wonders of the bathroom (which is where she was). The second time I heard her, she was touring the living-room singing a short verse to every new object she came across. I called The B-Man and told him his cat could sing, and I THINK HE BELIEVED ME!!! Or, maybe he’s just grown used to all the bizarre stuff I sometimes say. Either way, they’re both one of the reasons I love him so much.

Anyway, I had just come home from Reno last night and everyone was glad to see me. The B-Man and I were falling asleep when Markann began to sing. Her song was soft, gentle and beautiful–just like a lover’s kiss.  My fuzzy valentine.

This Valentine’s Day, take a tip from Markann and make your own kind of music for someone you love.