My parents recently celebrated their 49th anniversary. I grew up thinking my Mom and Dad met at a USO club. He asked her to dance, they did the Twist, she threw up on his uniform, got embarrassed and wanted to know how to make up for the mess she made, and he asked her out. 49 years later, they’re still together. The actual event involved a double-date and a Lewis and Martin movie.

I don’t know where I got the USO idea from, but I have a suspicion it was my Dad. He’s a big believer in embellishing the facts. So, it turns out, is my Brother. His wife says he’s been telling their 6 year-old son Grandma used to be a go-go girl and a stripper. Grandpa met her at a strip club and they fell in Love.

Both stories are absurd, I know, and embarrass my Mother to no end, but I think it must be wonderful to be the romantic center of so many unbelievably fantastic scenarios.

Anyway, this picture made me wonder if she used to hang out with the Hell’s Angels.