Nevada Girl’s been all in a dither with the upcoming Virginia City Easter bonnet parade/contest and I am stumped without any hat idea that’s big OR bodacious.

In researching ideas, I ran across a Sunday school craft so cute, I made a whole bunch of them instead of thinking about my bonnet for Sunday. I think that’s called Transference

I also found a wonderful, easy recipe that’s also an excellent way to learn about the story of Easter: Resurrection Rolls. You take a marshmallow (the body of Christ), dip it in butter and cinnamon (the oils and spices his corpse was anointed with), wrap it up in some raw Pillsbury crescent dough (his shroud), and bake him in the oven (his tomb).

The final two steps are my favorite instructions in any recipe I’ve ever read.

8. Break open the tomb and the body of Christ is no longer there!!
9. Celebrate God’s love!

Please note I have refrained from rushing to the store to buy marshmallows because I’m making this Easter bonnet thing a higher priority than the delicious smell and taste of Resurrection Rolls.

I’m so desperate I’m thinking of asking Briter for help…