“Kitty Carlisle Hart, the supremely elegant actress, singer, arts advocate and TV personality who enjoyed one of the longest and most varied career runs in U.S. arts history, died Tuesday in New York at age 96.” SF Chronicle

I remember her from “Six Degrees of Separation,” but mostly as as the high society lady who was so gracious on TV she made me feel classy when I watched her on “To Tell the Truth” in my living room. Briter was pretty upset when we told him about her passing, but that’s because he thought we we were talking about Hello Kitty. The B-Man read her fascinating autobiography and highly recommends it to everyone. Mr. Brenda loves her because she threw great parties and once wanted to be called “Kitty Vere de Vere.”

Barbara Walters said Ms. Hart once told her, “Every night, before I go to bed, I look at my face in the mirror and say, ‘I forgive you, Kitty’.”

Good-bye, Kitty! Heaven’s going to be more glamorous with you in it.