Here’s a look at our most famous (if mutable) landmark through the years.

In the Summer of 1926, in honor of the completion of the two-lane Lincoln highway over Donner Summit to California, our city fathers erected an arch of over Virginia Street that read “Reno Nevada’s Transcontinental Highways Exposition June 25-August 11 1927”. (When was the last time we had an exposition here?)

Three years later, it was changed to the much catchier “Reno The Biggest Little City In The World.” In 1935, that was removed and a new neon sign with just “Reno” was attached to the arch. This created quite the kerfuffle in town and soon our famous slogan was restored. How cool are those neon torches?

Here’s the arch from 1934-1963. Now our slogan reads straight across, instead of curving, and the torches are gone! This arch now lives downtown on Lake and Mill Street. I bet The Stag was a swinging place in its time.

Here’s the one I grew up with, 1964-1987. Notice the slogan is curved again, but this time, in the opposite direction of the original arch. The color scheme certainly was popular in its time.

And, here’s the current arch. The slogan is a return to its original curve, but I wish it had some blazing neon torches on it. Say, isn’t it time to start thinking about a new arch?

Extra added super bonus pix: My Brother’s Drano arch at Burning Man a few year ago. Incredible!