Yesterday, I came home from work only to find my answering machine and email basket overflowing with exclaims of excitement heralding my return to the blogosphere. Honestly, I was quite touched and thrilled about it all. I like writing these little letters to all of you and it’s nice to know they’re appreciated.

The B-Man’s and my Valentine’s day was wonderful from beginning to end…the best I ever remember having! I’d tell you all about it, but since I gush about him so much it makes some people want to puke. So, I’ll just say Briter was very sweet and made us chocolate fondue but we didn’t have any, because, you know, Briter made us chocolate fondue. ‘nuf said.

We’re off to Solvang this weekend, but before I say good-bye, you should know there’s a very funny Happy St. Valentine’s Day surprise waiting for you at the “Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians” blog. If you know a lot of old lesbians like I do, it makes it even funnier.

men who look like old lesbians