For Valentine’s, The B-Man–by way of a delightfully clever puzzle-card he made–invited me to a dinner at a fancy-shmancy vegan restaurant and I mean shmancy! Thank you, Love!

Every Sunday closest to the full moon, Millineum restaurant offers up an aphrodisiac dinner with ingredients considered to have romantical qualities and effects. The five-course meal is even finished with a Chinese herbal love potion! It was delicious and you know it was romantic because the menu was in French.

As are most exceptional dinners, it was a little pricey and the question I always ask is: why is vegetarian food so expensive? The answer: the government subsidizes the meat industry! I direct you to this informative page which explains why a salad costs more than a Big Mac. Wow, with all that money we’re giving them, you’d think the Meat Industry would try harder to keep the e. coli off our tables.