I’d like to begin a new semi-regular thing this week called The Weekend Dump wherein I deposit all the cool things I’ve run across on the Net in one nifty little package. It’s a time for new beginnings what with the Chinese Lunar Near Year happening. It’s my year…year of the Rat! I know–who wants to be associated with a rat? The B-Man’s lucky; he’s year of the Dog. Anyway, Gung Hay Fat Choy, everyone!

Did you know Poloroid stopped making Instamatics? Sad, right? So, don’t expect to see stripper audition Poloroids like this Flickr set anymore. Many strippers pictured, none of them, my mom.

Who doesn’t want more pictures of beautiful ladies? Nevada Girl has a fondness for old ladies and new babies, so I’d like to dedicate these high fashion shots of something-something genarians, to her.

And finally, NO, this is not a picture of Nevada Girl in her teens, but something for our brother, Fadongus. Night of the Living Dead bubble gum trading cards from deadalicious! Collect the whole set and scare your dentist. And with that Dear Reader, I bid good day!