I’m thinking Nevada Girl would love this to happen to her!


I know, I know…it’s been ages since I wrote, but honestly, it’s been a madhouse here ever since Paris Hilton was sentenced to jail. As you can imagine, Mr. Brenda is a wreck. We told him to stop drunk-calling us at 2:30 in the morning just to cry about how much he loves Paris, so instead, he comes and sits in his car out front blasting that godawful CD she made. (That CD is reason enough to lock her up.) Bottom line: the neighbors are starting to complain. We all agreed it was weird to hear them not complaining about Briter, but understandable since he ran away the week before to join some commune up North. See? It’s all crazy here.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, and here’s a lovely video of women in Art through the ages.

For no reason other than Love, The B-Man brought home a peony for me.

I recently ran across a very handy napkin folding site and I thought of my 20-year old nephew who works at some place where they actually use fancy folded napkins. It’s a classy joint, I guess.

Not so classy, but much loved, is the only napkin folding trick I know. I learned it from my Grandmother and it’s called the Bra Trick. Here it is in action and the only thing I do different is at the end I push my bosom out and say in a real high girly voice, “Look at me! I’m a laaaay-deeeee!!,” which my 7-year old nephew thinks is HILARIOUS.

Superman’s worst nightmare, Kryptonite, discovered.

“A fungus among us: Scientists ID Godzilla fungi”

Dear Nevada Girl,

In regard to your recent blog entry about Billy, there are a few things you should be aware of. First, Billy is not Briter’s cousin, but someone he met at the Greyhound bus station.

Second, Billy stayed with us for awhile after his girlfriend kicked him out. Weirdly enough, her name was Cha Cha, too.

Finally, he is in Reno because he is no longer welcome here for a certain incident involving one of the neighbor’s pets which was captured by their security camera.

Truth be told, the picture may not actually be Billy, but the neighbor’s barely tolerate Briter as it is, so we said no more monkeys. We wish Billy and Monique the best future together and advise Monique to buy lots and lots of insurance.

My Life In Reno

PS: We noticed all of Billy’s girlfriends have stripper names. What’s up with that?